Secret summit of top central bankers

This article in the Australian Daily Telegraph yesterday is nicely coincidental, as I have decided to publish this blog in English, having launched the equivalent in German in November 2009.

After all, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, is the central bank of all central banks. Furthermore, the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany, is the first of “regional” central banks that are planned by the globalisers.

In contrast to us localizers, globalisers aim at one world government with Special Drawing Rights as one world currency and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as global central bank.

Already, the ECB is explicitly “politically independent”, following the model of the German Bundesbank. It began by “swallowing” the national currencies of member states of the European Union (EU). The EU started the Euro currency with 12 member states and has enlarged to 27 countries.  Not all of them are part of Eurozone yet.

The BIS has invited representatives from 24 central banks, with emphasis on Asia, to meet in Australia.

Please note that sovereign debt is the term used, rather than “public”, “national” or Government debt. It is on their agenda as well as the bankruptcy of nation states such Greece, Portugal, Spain and Dubai. See this remarkable table of risks of state bankruptcies that is updated regularly.

Camouflaged as “fears”, the real underlying agenda may be only apparent to people like myself who have been studying “the system” for years. Thus we have learned to see through the smokescreens provided by the conventional media who don’t understand the issues.

In 2005, I described the issue in Sovereignty & Seignorage that I wrote for a lawyer whom I asked for help. I used UK data to illustrate how the sovereignty of a national government to issue national currency has been eroded by the Bank of England.

At the same time, the seignoriage that the Treasury receives as income from the difference between the cost of “printing money” and its face value, is being foregone in preference to borrowing or taxing as sources of income.

The management of the money supply as the fuel for a Nation’s economy has thus been eroded by central banks who benefit from the “collaboration” with finance ministries.

However, these effects are long term and thus not necessarily apparent to people during their working lives. But now, as people are getting older and the net helps us to share information, we may stand a chance to stop, if not revert the devasting processes at work.

See also the excellent video on The Global Financial Crisis by Michel Chossudovsky.


2 responses to “Secret summit of top central bankers

  1. The one world one currency fallacy has long been exposed, however, it is still discussed. If they persisted, there would be “black” alternative currrencies from day one as each currency needs to have at least one counterpart against which it is traded to make valuation possible. One wonders, where central bankers went to school.

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