UK Budget 2010

Yesterday I added this year’s budget figures to the data of the past nine years.

The trend that was set in motion by the ‘crisis’ continues:

  • budget deficits are higher than ever
  • while expenditure grows steadily, income is curbed
  • but interest payments are steady on the rise.

In other words, endebtedness of the government to investors is increasing and ongoing – at the cost of the taxpayer and, of course the value of the currency. More and more money is a ‘legally enforcable debt’ and thus a ‘tool to control’ rather than a medium of exchange for which it was invented.

The crisis has set the trend towards increased dependency on ‘credit money’ in motion, and this year’s budget continues the development, as best indicated by the deficit:

Expenditure, Receipts and the growing deficit

The crisis jump of the deficit

Please click on Budgets 2001 – 2010 to see more for yourself.

And click on the graphic to see it enlarged.

The numbers refer to £bn, i.e. billions of pounds.


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