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UK Government Debts since 1997

New Labour set up the Debt Management Office in 1998. But I’m sure it would have been set up by the other party, too.

In parallel with the budget, it publishes Debt Management Reports, where I collected the data for this graph:

Conventional gilts, index-linked gilts, treasury bills, national savings and totals

The sharp rise in 2008 signals the “crisis”.

The future of public debts: prospects and implications

This article shows the New World Order and its player, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), in action: bankrupting states so that the invisible governments of central banks and banks can use ‘financial products’ and ‘monetary aggregates’ to control the real world and the real economy. In the name of freedom, democracy and law and order !?…

The Fed: godfather of the greatest con and cover-up

This video is a recording of the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC News – exposing the banks, the Fed and Congress, framing the Fed as the godfather of the greatest con and cover-up…

The points are:

  • bankers benefit from guaranteed low interest rates from ‘central bank money’ from the Fed
  • banks have no money; they use ‘funny money’
  • banks lend funny money at high interest rates
  • the electorate is ignorant
  • should Congress allow for more power for the Fed?
  • lobbyists hand out huge cheques
  • Congress works for the banks, not for the people
  • bankers have no personal responsibility.

Here are more links for the same video, albeit shortened:


Gang Stalking World

“The deficit made me to do it!”

This 20-page booklet was published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Ottawa) in 1992.

It’s about the myths about government debt.

Merry Britain

The Robin Hood Tax campaign is a great initiative to attract attention to the mortal embrace between bankers and politicians and the imbalance between excessive funds in the financial industry, compared with chronically dwindling public funds.

The organisers are currently collecting images for the next public action. Here‘s the one for the Forum for Stable Currencies.