New site on the UK National Debt

There’s a new kid on the block: The UK Economy’s Debt bombshell

An interesting analysis, a good compilation of sources and data and an appeal to take personal responsibility.

How the national debt bomb affects us as individuals varies. But it certainly affects us all as no politician will be able to change the current trends set in motion by institutions in which people are “just doing their job”.

These jobs are set to perpetuate the creation of money as credit – the name of the Nation or other public bodies, so that private rentiers benefit from such interest payments.

May we as voters, taxpayers and bank customers wake up to our rights by understanding what is going on and challenging those who are taking part – even if willy nilly.

And here is a new graph that I produced from data published by the Treasury as the Public Finances Databank – thanks to . Please note the forecasts and the steepness with which the debt grows since 2008! Who has made sure to benefit from the ‘crisis’? Who has bought long term Treasury Bonds and is earmarked to do so until 2014? Clicking on the image gives you a larger version.

Public Debt 1974 - 2014


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