a great visualization of the US national debt

It’s too bad that most people don’t appreciate the significance of the national debt. In view of the visualization that simply illustrates the HUGE number of dollars, let me repeat my essential points here:

  1. Governments always had the right to mint their coins and print their notes
  2. In 1694, the Bank of England was established to lend the then King the first national debt at 8%; why was the King so naive, one has to ask
  3. Banks have gradually virtually replaced the interest-free money of governments (Cash) by interest-bearing Credit
  4. the national debt will never be paid back; but interest payments come in regularly to those who know about the issuance of national debt bonds and can afford to buy them
  5. by continuously increasing the need to pay more and more interest, the economy acquires an artificial pace and speed
  6. it is effectively a deep betrayal of the taxpayer who is made to believe that his taxes are the income of the state, when, in fact,
  • taxes are only a share of the income of the State
  • borrowing is the other source of income that could be entirely be replaced by governments printing their own money.

The argument that ‘printing money’ means creating ‘inflation’, is not accurate, since there are two kinds of inflation to consider:

  1. price inflation
  2. monetary inflation, i.e. the increase of the money supply.

The wise way would be to reduce the share of Credit in the money supply and to watch the Cash : Credit ratio go towards 50/50, as it was before WWII.

Here’s the visualisation of the US National Debt.

5 responses to “ a great visualization of the US national debt

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  2. A great visual of our national debt.

  3. This is why the US was re-rated to AA+ as its credit rating and that is being generous. With the clowns we have in office at this time a D- would be more appropriate. Our economy is going to fail as sure as night turns to day. By the time the government admits it, your bank will be locked up tight, you will not have access to what ever money you do have in your account. The markets will be ordered shut down. The stores will be empty in three days like in Japan in their recent tidal wave disaster. I am suggesting you spend what ever you can at this time on none perishable goods. Get a supply of water on hand. A years supply would be good for food and water. About a gallon a day per person. Figure out how you can cook food, boil water and then there is the medications. I don’t know what to tell you on that except have a supply of bandages, anticeptic aspirin and any over the counter product you use. Try to buy you meds in three month supply. it may be too late to plant a garden this year but you can pick up seeds for next year. Finally, GOOD LUCK.

  4. Great description of the national debt, thanks

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