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Greece, Ireland and the EU bailouts: the end of democracy in Europe

This article spells out in no uncertain terms what’s happening:

  • the EU controls its member countries
  • the IMF controls the rest of the world
  • both use public debts as their medium of control.

Send your Santa Letters to the Bankers. They can make Miracles happen, says Robin Hood…

Here’s my Santa Letter that I put here. Will you add yours?

Dear Bank of England,

For Christmas, it would REALLY be nice if ALL of your employees were invited to remember how you were created in 1694: the Bank of England Act foresaw a punishment for TRADING, to avoid the SUPPRESSION of Their Majesties’ subjects, at TREBLE the value of the trade. See

Hence my biggest wish is that you stop selling ‘bonds’ or any other papers or currencies to the Treasury as “public debt”, only for us the taxpayers to pay interest every year, in every budget, no matter who’s in government.

My next biggest wish is that you stop listening to the Fed, the IMF and any other American economists or bankers. Think your own thoughts! And think about what is good for the people in the UK and not just the global financial elite. Could you please put your allegiance where it is supposed to be, and not with whoever wines and dines you best?

And then I do wish that you supervise all banks propoerly, for self-regulation does NOT work. With the internet it’s easy now. Get proper statistics together! Just as everybody gets hit and hurt when ZERO is reached in an account, so please hit and hurt your fellow bank(st)ers:

  • when there is too much Credit and not enough Cash in the money supply
  • when short, medium AND long-term inflation figures become unacceptable
  • when banks get bailed out WITHOUT victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression being compensated for white collar crimes committed by people in your institutions.

What a lovely 2011 it would become!!!…

Yours gratefully in advance,


Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies
Web Publisher, Victims Unite!

IMF plots world money issuance without accountability, Rickards tells King

Whenever in Cassandra mode, I’ve seen it coming long ago. Here is financial consultant and advisor Jim Rickards telling King World News about it, thanks to the remarkable Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee GATA:

  • Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) exist since 1969 “to alleviate the shortage of US dollars and gold reserves in the expansion of international trade”
  • They are the creation of another kind of “credit money” that requires interest payments
  • They are allocated to member states, i.e. governments, as a “low cost alternative” to national debts.
  • They perpetuate the general debt economy and centralise control away from governments into the hands of central bankers.

They are bad news – in exactly the way that Michel Chossudovsky talks about the global financial crisis on video.