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The Chains of the Maastricht Treaty

Who has benefitted from the United Kingdom agreeing to Article 104 of the Maastricht Treaty?

A German TV program on the financial crisis suggested that there are 500 lobbyists from the banking industry for every lobbyist from the real economy.

The Treasury spelled it out in a letter to Alexander Baron, publisher of Financial Reform: Article 104 expressly forbids credit facilities for national governments. That means, governments are expected to borrow in the free market, while the EU overlooks their deficits, i.e. needs for borrowing. What a claim to supra-national control!

The mortal embrace between banks and governments

London Firm was Created to Route Cash

This article in the Wall Street Journal shows how the “funny money” that banks create out of thin air as “financial products” and “derivatives” is short of a farce, if not con and fraud, or “legal forgery” as one author describes it.

However, we’ve come to realise that the Rule of Law is not in place.

Whereas you have to subscribe to read the full article in the Wall Street Journal, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) has published it here.