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Merry Britain

The Robin Hood Tax campaign is a great initiative to attract attention to the mortal embrace between bankers and politicians and the imbalance between excessive funds in the financial industry, compared with chronically dwindling public funds.

The organisers are currently collecting images for the next public action. Here‘s the one for the Forum for Stable Currencies.

Goldman Sachs faces Robin Hood Tax vote-rigging claims

I am clearly still not sufficiently cynical: as one of the founding organisations of the Robin Hood Tax I’ve done my best to promote it and am watching the Yes / No vote on their site. Hence I was amazed to see the increase of NOs and appreciated the way that those at the helm responded.

Now I’m glad to see that they not only identified the tracks back to Goldman Sachs but also informed the media.

Here’s the article in the Daily Telegraph.

However, German Radio reported that Italy wants to introduce the Robin Hood Tax – albeit in 2008, and by taxing the oil industry! Bellissimo!!!

Robin Hood Tax to be launched on Wednesday at 0.05am

The Robin Hood Tax is the UK version of the Tobin Tax which was at the beginning of ATTAC in France ten years ago.

As an anti-poverty campaign, it is more pragmatic than the economic theories of Tobin Tax definitions or the political demands of the Attac network.

Supported by a coalition of 48 organisations, the Robin Hood Tax campaign spells out what the income should be spent on.

And in the spirit of our times, it uses Twitter and YouTube.

The video is set to private until the launch which is set to 0.05am in parallel with the 0.05% tax that Robin Hood wants to take.

However, Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, dismissed the idea of a Tobin Tax only recently, according to the FT.

Robin Hood tax offers a way to deal with our pressing problems – A letter from some of the initial supporters in The Guardian

Of course, the Robin Hood Tax does NOT get to the root of the evil I’m trying to address. But it’s bound to capture people’s imagination!

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