The challenge is public opinion which needs to be based on rational understanding rather than believing prefabricated figures and phrases.

Let us begin with questioning

and supporting Robin Hood – as our best chance for now.

Can “public opinion” be formed by blogs and bloggers? Can it be shaped by individuals outside the mainstream media? Can the blogosphere create the influence necessary to show up the Emperors’ clothes?

Can the ‘crisis’ be demystified as designed by globalisers?

CrisisMaven’s Blog is already a treasure trove of information and has acquired 5000 visits in two weeks. It invites facing the crisis like a man. I try to unravel it like the ball of wool that has been pulled over our eyes…

One response to “Challenges

  1. Thanks for mentioning & commenting! One of my next posts, due some time today, will be about imminent government defaults, like in the old soldier’s song “Polly love, the rout ‘t has now begun” …

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