GDP: Gross Domestic Product

How GDP betrays the Economy is one of the many remarkable entries in CrisisMaven’s Blog. It is aspiring to become the best annotated economics blog on the web and invites us with C’mon, Face the Economy like a Man!

A nice graph has been produced by daymix who “show the latest information on any topic: description, talk, news, blogs, photos, videos, related sections, everything all in one place. The graph below is based on Wikipedia.

GDP per capita in US$

Below I have gathered GDP data from the World Bank and visualised in Excel as well as my prototype software. The GDP and its growth since 1970 of these 15 countries – in descending order: United States, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, France.

But what does this ranking really show? The speed in which currencies and public debts need to be manipulated so that states go bankrupt?

NEXT: Inflation

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