Solutions are possible on a number of levels, too:

1. Central Banks could supervise the Cash : Credit ratio in the total  supply of a currency

— Basel Bank of International Settlements

— European Central Bank

— Federal Reserve

— Bank of England

2. Banks and other Financial Institutions should be limited in their creation of Credit

3. Governments and Finance Ministeries should use their ability to create interest-free Cash for all those sectors that are forever short of money: health, education, environment

4. Taxpayers and Voters could join local LETS and professional barter companies to

  • learn about money not as a “commodity”, but as a “medium of exchange”
  • and understand the response-abilities of the creators of currency and the power to give Credit.

4 responses to “Solutions

  1. I do not agree with the robin hood tax, it is an oxfam and government initiative, and has already been decided that they will implement it.

    They are just trying to get people to believe that they (the people) made this change, however it’s already been decided what will happen and they are simply collecting damage control strategies by collecting people’s opinions.

  2. Well,

    that’s really astute (and cynical) thinking!

    But, in the absence of ‘general understanding’ by the ‘general public’, I’d like to think that the Robin Hood Tax may be a beginning to get people to wake up.

    As long as there is life, there is hope!

  3. amen Ra Bank Holyday

    Maybe you should ask the treasury whats with all the egyptian symbolism?

    David Cameron – Illuminati Connection?

    a ring of power perhaps?

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