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ARGENTINIAN PRESIDENT Cristina Fernandez during UN General Assembly about DEBT, IMF and SOCIAL INCLUSION

She also talks about

  • ‘vulture funds’ and how, today, Argentina is bullied by them, in complicity with the legal profession
  • ‘economic terrorists’ – just as as published in Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Systemically speaking, it’s the same circus with different clowns – whether at state or at individual levels:

  • public interest means private pockets
  • the creation of money is protected by the legal profession
  • the legal profession prefers to serve its financial masters, the banksters, than their clients
  • the financial profession have turned into ‘banksters’
  • ‘professionals’ don’t act in the interest of their clients, as they prefer to keep their jobs and pensions…

How quickly the national debt rises in the UK and how an app brings the problem to US phones

An interesting chart about the UK national debt by an interesting organisation: the Economic Research Council – with an explanation here, about the huge increase. How come I just read today that the PM claims the national deficit has been cut by more than a quarter? I suppose the deficit is not equal to the debt in his mind…

Also interesting is the previous chart: