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The Absurdity of the National Debt – published by The Duke of Bedford in 1947

We are not the first in history

to notice the tension

between the City of London and the City of Westminster…

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One of the gems on Financial Reform.

Greece, Ireland and the EU bailouts: the end of democracy in Europe

This article spells out in no uncertain terms what’s happening:

  • the EU controls its member countries
  • the IMF controls the rest of the world
  • both use public debts as their medium of control.

The future of public debts: prospects and implications

This article shows the New World Order and its player, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), in action: bankrupting states so that the invisible governments of central banks and banks can use ‘financial products’ and ‘monetary aggregates’ to control the real world and the real economy. In the name of freedom, democracy and law and order !?…