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IMF plots world money issuance without accountability, Rickards tells King

Whenever in Cassandra mode, I’ve seen it coming long ago. Here is financial consultant and advisor Jim Rickards telling King World News about it, thanks to the remarkable Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee GATA:

  • Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) exist since 1969 “to alleviate the shortage of US dollars and gold reserves in the expansion of international trade”
  • They are the creation of another kind of “credit money” that requires interest payments
  • They are allocated to member states, i.e. governments, as a “low cost alternative” to national debts.
  • They perpetuate the general debt economy and centralise control away from governments into the hands of central bankers.

They are bad news – in exactly the way that Michel Chossudovsky talks about the global financial crisis on video.